Our solution is for cities that initiates to structure systems that holds Businesses & People responsible for their disposal of plastics after use.

The solution maps plastics across the supply chain from producer to processor to retailer to end user to disposal so as to enable better segregation & collection of waste plastics.

01 Mapping
03 Disposal
02 Accountability
Influence Businesses & People In Their Purchase & Consumption
Shifting From Transactional Plastics To Circular & Sustainable Economy
Neutralize Waste & Tend To A Carbon Neutral Environment

Mapping the product supply-chain is essential as plastics adopts a transactional model that doesn’t create value when disposed or consequences to the environment as waste.

However, mapping plastics in the market ensures accountability by businesses/people, proper use, disposal & waste collection and the necessary shift to neutralize all wastes via recycling/composting.

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ECOMAP Data Enables A Circular Economy

Reduce Plastics Contamination In Food Waste

Shift All Food Packaging To Compostable/ Recyclable

Influence Sustainable Purchase & Consumption

Save Tax Dollars & Administrative Burden

Delivering Proactive Waste Governance With Data Intelligence

Reduce Plastics Contamination In Food Waste

Our solution is the right fit for cities & municipalities that strategise to build a sustainable and circular market economy.

This includes adopting a circular economy approach to waste management, by holding citizens & businesses responsible for sustainable consumption & disposal.

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Our Mission Towards A Circular Environment

We are focussed on reducing & repurposing all waste. This starts with mapping products from the cradle to the shelf to disposal and implementing effective measures in collection and repurposing.

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